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Firefly Marketing LLC, a San Diego digital marketing agency with large brand experience sparking digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important long term investment for any business. SEO builds your organic search ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, helping increase the volume and quality of visitors to your website.

Our SEO methodologies apply only the best and up-to-date practices that improve content visibility. We perform a full audit of your website before providing customized services to meet your business goals, including: technical SEO, on-page SEO, local SEO, international SEO, mobile SEO, ecommerce, directory listings and more.

Our SEO methods have built strong foundations for medium-sized companies and enterprise global brands.

By managing your search engine presence, we help you outshine the competition.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC/Paid Search) allows businesses to expand their reach further across search engines through advertising. The advertiser pays when a user clicks on the ad. Paid search advertising greatly increases traffic volume in real-time, making it an essential element in any comprehensive digital marketing program.
We use a proven process and best practices that deliver the most relevant customers to your website: driving sales, leads and long term ROI. We manage, test and refine the campaign components and bids on a day-to-day basis to optimize the campaigns toward your goals. Paid search is integrated with SEO, analytics and offline media to evolve the marketing program in a cohesive way.
Customers use search engines to find information and research products and services, making PPC an ideal way to capture those customers and increase sales instantly.
We deliver glowing results that will completely transform your business.

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Even the most finely executed campaigns are incomplete without analytics.  Through analytics, we get insight into the value of the website traffic and visitors, and understand the full picture of the sales process.  We leverage the power of data to find hidden opportunities and capitalize on the potential.

With data analysis, we can identify gaps between what drives visitors to your website and what is actually producing leads or sales. We love data and examine all your sources to make strategic decisions and solve tough business problems.

With expert analytics, we illuminate the possibilities.

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Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms offer the insights and targeting capabilities needed to deliver ads through paid social media marketing. There are nearly 900 million active users on Facebook every day. Social commerce is evolving and consumers rely on social media to guide purchase decisions.
Social media has been one of the fastest growing digital channels and is a critical element to effective advertising. Through paid social media, you can target your advertising by demographics, location, interests, behaviors and more.
We have been on the front end of paid social media marketing since its inception and can expertly tailor your campaigns to reach people who are the core customers for your product or service, helping you expand your following and achieve business objectives.
Through paid social media marketing, we will ignite your community.

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International Digital Consulting

Whether you are looking do digital advertising in one country or in multiple regions, Firefly Marketing provides you with international digital marketing capabilities to scale your business to other regions of the globe.

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Programmatic Display

Run intelligent Display ad campaigns by moving to programmatic display. Real time bidding (RTB) display media buying with options of CPC, CPM, or CPA. No minimum spend commitments and no long term contracts. Layer on demographic, topic, interest, and custom audience targeting for highly targeted display campaigns.

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