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Firefly Marketing LLC, a San Diego digital marketing agency with large brand experience sparking digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.
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Digital Marketing

Strategy and Consulting

Firefly Marketing was built from a passion for artistry and data – masterfully blending the creative and scientific aspects of digital advertising, providing our clients with glowing results.


Today’s digital landscape is crowded and chaotic, so at Firefly we provide robust marketing plans to help your brand shine, including website development, content marketing, search engine optimization, landing page optimization, paid search and social media. We use an integrated methodology so that your customer’s experience with your business is seamless – encouraging trust and strengthening brand loyalty.


Every online marketing plan is custom-built. At Firefly, we thrive by rising to any business challenge, illuminating the possibilities for each client’s specific market and surpassing expectations.


Catch the spark.

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Provide measurable and insightful ROI, based on data, to achieve the best business results. We promise honest and expert recommendations.

Understand Target Audience

Creatively meet customers where they are, across multiple touch points; giving your customers what they want, when they want it.

Proactive Response

Respond to changing landscape in real-time; while staying abreast of the latest industry trends and developments. We deliver transparent communications as we are work to reach and exceed your goals.


What We Do Best

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important long term investment for any business. SEO builds your organic search ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, helping increase the volume and quality of visitors to your website.

SEO Services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC/Paid Search) allows businesses to expand their reach further across search engines through advertising. The advertiser pays when a user clicks on the ad. Paid search advertising greatly increases traffic volume in real-time, making it an essential element in any comprehensive digital marketing program.

PPC Services

Even the most finely executed campaigns are incomplete without analytics. Through analytics, we get insight into the value of the website traffic and visitors, and understand the full picture of the sales process.

Analytics Services
Paid Social Media Marketing

We have been on the front end of paid social media marketing since its inception and can expertly tailor your campaigns to reach people who are the core customers for your product or service, helping you expand your following and achieve business objectives.

Social Media Services
International Digital Consulting

Whether you are looking do digital advertising in one country or in multiple regions, Firefly Marketing provides you with international digital marketing capabilities to scale your business to other regions of the globe.

International Consulting Services
Programmatic Display

Run intelligent Display ad campaigns by moving to programmatic display. Real time bidding (RTB) display media buying with options of CPC, CPM, or CPA. No minimum spend commitments and no long term contracts. Layer on demographic, topic, interest, and custom audience targeting for highly targeted display campaigns.

Programmatic Display Services

Looking for more high quality traffic to your digital assets and improve your search engine ranking?

Our Clients

Who We Work For

Our clients come from several industries with unique business needs. We’ve worked with each of them with tailored strategies to illuminate opportunities and drive real success.